Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Note on future rankings updates

Just a heads up on my planned updates (hopefully I'll be able to get to them)

For regions that have already started or about to start their state meets (NW/SW/MW/HL/SO), the next update will be the Post-State/Pre-NXN Regional update.

For regions that haven't (CA/NE/NY/SE), I'm hoping to get an update before that time but can't promise anything.

For national rankings, I'll keep a rankings of teams/individuals as their NXN regions finish up, but won't include teams until their region has competed (because of the way my formulas work, where very significant weighting is placed on performance in championship meets aka State, NXR and NXN, they would look "weaker" if compared directly to other teams that haven't gotten to that point because those other teams aren't being penalized for poor performances -- my mid-season rankings are based on best of the last 3 weeks, best of last 4 weeks, best of last 5 weeks, etc. and that does not penalize for a single "off" race).

On a positive note, though, that should make it easier to include both teams and individuals in the updates...

And a reminder, my order for meets weighting in the rankings:

1. NXN Nationals
2. NXN Regionals
3. State Meet
4. Late Season meets (including league/district/conference, etc.)
5. Mid Season meets
6. Early September meets and Pre-Season projections

for individuals, I'll of course also include the FLN series in addition to the NXN series. But FLN meets will not be factored into team rankings (it would give an unfair advantage to NXN-SO and FLMW region teams, as they are the only ones able to do both FLN and NXN).

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