Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Washington Indoor State Records

Six new indoor state records were set this year

Girls 60m: Hannah Cunliffe (homeschooled) 7.38 @ Brooks PR (2/24)
Girls 800m: Amy-Eloise Neale (Glacier Peak) 2:09.15 @ UW open (2/10)
Girls 3000m: Alexa Efraimson (Camas) 9:31.18 @ UW Invitational (1/25)
Girls 2 Mile: Alexa Efraimson (Camas) 10:15.82 @ Brooks PR (2/24)

Boys Triple Jump: Lane Russell (Tumwater) 49-01.00 @ Simplot (2/16)
Boys 60m: Tatum Taylor (O'Dea) 6.63 @ Brooks PR (2/24)

I believe there were some class records set this year as well, but I'll wait until I've finished including some more meets just to be sure.

Previous records were -

Girls 60m: 2011 Hannah Cunliffe (homeschooled) 7.47
Girls 800m: 2012 Amy-Eloise Neale (Glacier Peak) 2:09.29
Girls 3000m: ?? The fastest I could find was Chandler Olson (Woodinville) running 10:02.63 in 2011... three broke that mark this year, with Katie Knight also shattering it to hold the record for a couple weeks at 9:36.23.
Girls 2 Mile: 2012 Katie Knight (North Central) 10:28.50

Boys Triple Jump: 2005 Rashad Toussaint (West Valley-Spokane) 48-08.75
Boys 60m: 2012 Tatum Taylor (O'Dea) 6.71

Other notes:

Kennadi Bouyer (Curtis), for the second year in a row, improved her mark but still remained #2 on Washington's All-Time list. The previous record before these two came along was Princess Joy Griffey (Decatur) who ran 7.63 in 2005.

Isaiah Brandt-Sims (Wenatchee) also moves up to #2 All-Time in the 60m with his 6.64 @ Brooks. The #3 mark still belongs to Anthony Buchanan (University) @ 6.78 back in 2000.

Runnerspace's DyeStat to re-launch on Thursday

It was mentioned on the tracktalk message board that DyeStat will be re-launching on Thursday, February 28. I'll be working with them on TFX for the Northwest states, so any updates you guys might have feel free to email me and let me know! I've been working hard trying to repair any damage that happened after the closure of ESPN Rise (some data didn't get transferred at all, others got messed up in the transfer with kids getting placed on different schools) as well as making the lists deeper than ever! Hopefully within the next week or so, I'll have finishing compiling all the indoor results available online and we can have a complete look at how this year's athletes stand compared to all athletes in the state/region during the Dyestat era (1999+).

Other than that, I'm continuing to work on finalizing some of the XC standards for my national rankings, as well as considering putting together a spring preview for Washington.

Stay tuned!