Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pre-Season 2015 Oregon Boys All-Class Rankings

Wrapping up the WA/OR Previews, here is a look at the All-Class rankings.


Next up is the Oregon Boys!


Top 15 Teams:

1.       Crater (5A Midwestern League #1)

2.       Summit (5A Intermountain Conference #1)

3.       Jesuit (6A Metro League #1)

4.       Central Catholic (6A Mt Hood Conference #1)

5.       South Eugene (6A Southwestern Conference #1)

6.       Lincoln (6A Portland Interscholastic League #1)

7.       Marist (5A Midwestern League #2)

8.       Hermiston (5A Columbia River Conference #1)

9.       Grant (6A Portland Interscholastic League #2)

10.   Wilson (6A Portland Interscholastic League #3)

11.   Lakeridge (6A Three Rivers League #1)

12.   Sheldon (6A Southwestern Conference #2)

13.   Sunset (6A Metro League #2)

14.   West Linn (6A Three Rivers League #2)

15.   Valley Catholic (4A Cowapa League #1)


Top 25 Individuals:

1.       Roman Ollar, West Linn (6A Three Rivers League #1)

2.       Grayson Ollar, West Linn (6A Three Rivers League #2)

3.       Jackson Mestler, Sheldon (6A Southwestern Conference #1)

4.       Ahmed Muhumed, West Salem (6A Greater Valley Conference #1)

5.       Joshua Schumacher, Jesuit (6A Metro League #1)

6.       Walter Vail, Crater (5A Midwestern League #1)

7.       Alex Martin, Summit (5A Intermountain Conference #1)

8.       Eric Fykerud, Summit (5A Intermountain Conference #2)

9.       Zack Lavier, Central Catholic (6A Mt Hood Conference #1)

10.   Fabian Cardenas, Umatilla (3A Eastern Oregon District #1)

11.   Murimi Nyamu, Forest Grove (6A Greater Valley Conference #2)

12.   Andy Monroe, Crater (5A Midwestern League #2)

13.   Caleb Hoffmann, Bend (5A Intermountain Conference #3)

14.   Angel Salazar, Century (6A Metro League #2)

15.   Mason Wegener, South Eugene (6A Southwestern Conference #2)

16.   Ben Davidson, Valley Catholic (4A Cowapa League #1)

17.   Hassan Ibrahim, David Douglas (6A Mt Hood Conference #2)

18.   Thomas Schoderbek, Summit (5A Intermountain Conference #4)

19.   Luis Torres, Aloha (6A Metro League #3)

20.   Michael McCausland, Central Catholic (6A Mt Hood Conference #3)

21.   Mark French, Tualatin (6A Three Rivers League #3)

22.   Bryce Nurding, Astoria (4A Cowapa League #2)

23.   Jacob Shelton, Sheldon (6A Southwestern Conference #3)

24.   Hayden Earl, Hermiston (5A Columbia River Conference #1)

25.   Michael Brown, North Bend (4A Far West League #1)


Note: A reminder, this is based on returning runners, taking a look at combined scores from a hypothetical merge of all the best teams in the state (top 37 in this case) and also considering how good the program has been over the last nine years. Because of this process, the teams don’t always stay in the same order as they did in their respective classifications (this is a smaller, more elite field of teams than is looked at for the classification rankings). It looks to me like the best teams are going to be in 5A, though the top quartet of teams in 6A are close enough that they might challenge them in the end. Individually, there isn’t much separation at the top and there are going to be plenty of challengers for the individual titles this fall.

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