Monday, August 3, 2015

Pre-Season OR 6A Boys Rankings

A few coaches asked if I could do these years ago, but I never got around to it (regional & national rankings were keeping me plenty busy to look this deep), but I finally have the time to set aside and hopefully do a decent enough job on these.

Here's a look at my Oregon Rankings. I'll include the Top 10 for the 6A and Top 5 for both the 4A and 5A classifications, as well as a look at the top 15 overall in the state, and include the top 15 individuals in all three classifications as well as the Top 25 overall. Unlike Washington, I won’t be denoting which team is in which district (because I can’t do that off the top of my head for Oregon teams). Instead, I will specify where they finished at State XC last year (if they qualified).


First up is the 6A Boys!


6A Top 10 Teams:

1.       Jesuit (#10 in 2014 with 261 points)

2.       Central Catholic (#1 in 2014 with 54 points)

3.       South Eugene (#3 in 2014 with 133 points)

4.       Lincoln (#6 in 2014 with 195 points)

5.       Grant (#7 in 2014 with 204 points)

6.       Lakeridge (#12 in 2014 with 274 points)

7.       Wilson (#9 in 2014 with 243 points)

8.       Sunset (#2 in 2014 with 117 points)

9.       Sheldon (#5 in 2014 with 186 points)

10.   West Linn (#4 in 2014 with 161 points)


6A Top 15 Individuals:

1.       Roman Ollar, West Linn

2.       Grayson Ollar, West Linn

3.       Jackson Mestler, Sheldon

4.       Ahmed Muhumed, West Salem

5.       Joshua Schumacher, Jesuit

6.       Zack Lavier, Central Catholic

7.       Murimi Nyamu, Forest Grove

8.       Angel Salazar, Century

9.       Mason Wegener, South Eugene

10.   Hassan Ibrahim, David Douglas

11.   Luis Torres, Aloha

12.   Michael McCausland, Central Catholic

13.   Mark French, Tualatin

14.   Jacob Shelton, Sheldon

15.   Steven Cranston, Canby


  1. Are you going to rank the 5A kids?

  2. Yeah, I'll do a post with 4A and 5A together. Have the guys rankings ready, just haven't had the time to post it on here the last couple days. It'll get posted tomorrow.