Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nov. 14 Weekend Review

Using the adjustments posted on the All-Time Regional posts, it might be interesting to see how the competition is stacking up.

Here are the Top 10 Individuals, and a note on the teams.

Top Ten Boys Individuals:

15:06.0 - Jaret Carpenter - Wayzata MN
15:07.9 - Brody Smith - Cody WY
15:09.8 - Jonathan Davis - Oakwood IL
15:10.2 - Micah Mather - Highland Park MN
15:11.3 - Benjamin Veatch - Carmel IN
15:12.5 - Seth Hirsch - Millard West NE
15:13.1 - Jack Yearian - Bellarmine Prep WA
15:16.4 - Andy Monroe - Crater OR
15:18.5 - Isaac Harding - Rockford MI
15:18.7 - Jack Aho - Grayslake Central IL

Top Ten Girls Individuals:

17:09.5 - Judy Pendergast - Naperville North IL
17:12.0 - Annie Hill - Glacier MT
17:12.8 - Stephanie Jenks - Unattached IA
17:14.8 - Christina Aragon - Billings Senior MT
17:23.7 - Cailie Logue - Girard KS
17:23.9 - Ella Donaghu - Grant OR
17:28.9 - Grace Ping - Cotter MN
17:29.3 - Bethany Hasz - Jefferson - Alexandria MN
17:29.3 - Emma Benner - Forest Lake MN
17:34.1 - Tiahna Vladic - Billings Senior MT

Boys Team Notes:

Hopkins MN looked very strong, clearly the best of last weekend. I know Sandburg is highly ranked, but I haven't looked to see if it was an off race for them or if Hopkins is simply better.

The Northwest #3 and #4 teams, unfortunately, look like the weakest of the Top 4 finishers. Wayzata MN looked a bit stronger than Lyons Township, but but looked solid and are probably going to be in the conversation for an At-Large bid (I would think).

Girls Team Notes:

None of the teams really separated themselves at the top. In fact, in a smaller field, the fourth place team from the Midwest (Carmel IN) looks like the best of the bunch (scoring the 12 teams against eachother, they come out on top over Willmar MN 129-137 with Edina next with 138)... but that's the way it goes sometimes. Pretty much all the teams are bunched together, aside from HL#4 Wayzata and NW#4 Jesuit. HL#3 St. Thomas Aquinas is probably not sitting in very good position, not because they aren't good enough (they are among that bunch), but because the scoring at their regional just had them so far behind. Kind of like some of the Southwest boys teams a few years ago. It's going to be interesting to see who comes out with the At-Large bids on the girls side, though I'm guessing that the #3 teams from NY and SW will get in ahead of any of these teams.

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