Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rankings Teaser

Rankings update: As I posted on the Dyestat forums earlier today, the rankings countdown will begin next week. The in-season rankings will be Top 40 for the US and Top 5 for each region (plus bubble teams), but for the pre-season rankings I figured I would do it a little bit differently, to give more teams more specific attention. So for the complete pre-season outlook, I'll be ranking 120 teams nationally and 15 teams per region, broken into segments with the US Top-40 and Regional Top-5 being posted on August 29th.

Also, this might interest some of you... a breakdown of the current US Top-120 rough draft listing the states with the most teams included (and there are 40 states mentioned in the national rankings)

The ten states with the most teams in the rankings (boys + girls combined):

1. California - 48
2. Illinois - 19
3. New York - 17
4. Washington - 14
5. Utah - 13
6. Texas - 11
7. Michigan - 10
8. New Jersey - 9
8. Pennsylvania - 9
10. Colorado - 8

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