Thursday, June 27, 2013

Update on status

Update on status of rankings and such...

I've been working through the regions to get the Cross Country standards out there, and only have three (or two, depending on how you look at it) regions left (Southeast and Northeast/New York). You can find the standards for all the other regions on the DyeStat/RunnerSpace HS Elite message board in the threads with the usual titles (Boys/Girls NXN Hopefuls).

I haven't worked out just how deep I'll go in my pre-season regional rankings yet... a lot of that will depend on how deep I can comfortably go in the rankings for regions like New York and especially the South (tiny regions or regions where there is a comparative lack of data on returning athletes and what they've all accomplished).

In Northwest news, in the next few weeks I'll see about posting some polls on the DyeStat/RunnerSpace forums asking about what seems to be the more interesting questions this year (What teams will win 4A Washington Boys or Girls, Oregon 6A Girls, 3A Washington Boys, Oregon 5A Boys, etc.)