Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cain breaks another record, Efraimson debuts

New York junior Mary Cain broke another record, this time it was the mile record as she ran 4:32.78 at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, though I haven't found a link to full results from the meet. It is posted on letsrun that she finished third behind Sarah Bowman (4:31.61) and Nicole Sifuentes (4:31.65).

Back in Washington, two standouts competed in the UW Invitational.

Amy-Eloise Neale (Glacier Peak WA senior) debuted her season in the mile, finishing fifth in her heat at 4:53.28.

Section  1                                                     
  1 picchetti, nattaile          Adidas                 4:48.13
  2 Martin, Bianca               Unattached             4:49.45
  3 Rohde, Kristen               Bowerman AC            4:50.12
  4 Amaro, Emilie                Stanford               4:50.63
  5 Neale, Amy-Eloise            Unattached             4:53.28
Alexa Efraimson (Camas WA sophomore), meanwhile, finished second in her first ever indoor race - which happened to be the fastest indoor 3k by a Washington prep, as far as I know. (Remember that two weeks ago, Katie Knight opened up with a 9:36.23 in the same race that Mary Cain set the new overall 3k record).

Section  1                                                     
  1 Conlon, Katie                Oregon                 9:27.27
  2 Efraimson, Alexa             Unattached             9:31.18
  3 Meyers, Maddie               Washington             9:33.49
  4 Mattox, Kimber               Bowerman Ath           9:33.81
  5 Dubose, Damajeria            UC Riverside           9:35.06

EDIT: Efraimson's mark is actually second for WA All-Time to Debbie Quatier (Edmonds '74), who ran 9:29.0 as a sophomore and ended up as a 4:45 miler and 10:27 two miler (apparently a better runner indoors?). Quatier's mark was the sophomore record a few years ago, and still might be though I'm not sure if it has been surpassed in recent years (Dyestat would have had that information...) and if it still is, then Efraimson's mark might be #2 on the US All-Time sophomore list - not bad for an event she hasn't focused on in the past!