Friday, July 19, 2013

Status Update - 7/19

Just a short status update - all of the cross country standards have finally been posted, as always you can find them on the DyeStat HS Elite message board. This means I finally get to start focusing not on what a performance at this meet means, but on researching who all returns what and how these teams all stack up against each other (the part you guys care about)!

Also, in Northwest news, the first two DyeStat polls are up: WA 4A Boys XC and OR 6A Girls XC, so feel free to chime in with your opinions and make your vote!


  1. So glad you are working on this again this year. I really enjoyed going through the Oregon girls 6A and am hoping you do the same for the entire NW.

  2. I was picking out some of the most interesting state meet challenges... unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of interesting class championship match-ups that I've seen outside of three in Washington (both 4A races, and the 3A boys) and a couple in Oregon (6A girls, 5A boys). A "Best in Montana" for girls, or "Best in Idaho" for boys could also be interesting, but wouldn't so much be a look at the state championship race as probably the most competitive teams are spread out in different classes. Teamwise, that is. I could look at individual matchups as well, or team battles for teams that haven't yet shown they are going to be too notable on the regional level, but either would have to wait probably until September or late August at the earliest as it would take time away from my responsibilities.