Friday, August 14, 2015

Pre-Season 2015 Washington Girls All-Class Rankings

Wrapping up the WA/OR Previews, here is a look at the All-Class rankings.


Next up is the Washington Girls!


Top 22 Teams:

1.       Camas (4A District IV)

2.       Central Valley (4A Eastern Regional)

3.       Mountlake Terrace (3A District I)

4.       Bellarmine Prep (4A District III)

5.       Glacier Peak (3A District I)

6.       Bellevue (3A District II)

7.       Skyline (4A Northwest Regional)

8.       Holy Names Academy (3A District II)

9.       Sehome (2A District I)

10.   Lewis & Clark (4A Eastern Regional)

11.   Mount Si (4A Northwest Regional)

12.   Olympia (4A District III)

13.   University (4A Eastern Regional)

14.   Tahoma (4A District III)

15.   Liberty-Issaquah (2A District I)

16.   Mercer Island (3A District II)

17.   Issaquah (4A Northwest Regional)

18.   Eastlake (4A Northwest Regional)

19.   Eisenhower (4A District VI)

20.   Kamiak (4A Northwest Regional)

21.   Roosevelt (3A District II)

22.   Lynnwood (3A District I)


Top 25 Individuals:

1.       Jordan Oakes, Holy Names Academy (3A District II)

2.       Taylor Roe, Kamiak (4A Northwest Regional)

3.       Malia Pivec, Lynnwood (3A District I)

4.       Erin Ripple, Holy Names Academy (3A District II)

5.       Sophie Cantine, Lakeside-Seattle (3A District II)

6.       Emma Jenkins, Camas (4A District IV)

7.       Hannah Waskom, Mount Si (4A Northwest Regional)

8.       Maizy Brewer, Skyline (4A Northwest Regional)

9.       Isabelle Olive, Garfield (3A District II)

10.   Pia Richards, Eastlake (4A Northwest Regional)

11.   Mikayla Pivec, Lynnwood (3A District I)

12.   Sami Corman, Issaquah (4A Northwest Regional)

13.   Kenan Clawson, Issaquah (4A Northwest Regional)

14.   Rebecca Ledsham, Inglemoor (4A Northwest Regional)

15.   Kayla Contreras, Tahoma (4A District III)

16.   Heidi Smith, Glacier Peak (3A District I)

17.   Emma Bury, Redmond (4A Northwest Regional)

18.   Abbie Steinhauer, Mariner (4A Northwest Regional)

19.   Rachel Blair, Camas (4A District IV)

20.   Emily Wilson, Camas (4A District IV)

21.   Brittany Aquino, East Valley-Spokane (2A Eastern Regional)

22.   Rachel Kastama, Puyallup (4A District III)

23.   Yukino Parle, Edmonds-Woodway (3A District I)

24.   Katherine Penner, Bellevue (3A District II)

25.   Savanna Craig, Mountain View (4A District IV)


Note: A reminder, this is based on returning runners, taking a look at combined scores from a hypothetical merge of all the best teams in the state (top 32 in this case) and also considering how good the program has been over the last nine years. Because of this process, the teams don’t always stay in the same order as they did in their respective classifications (this is a smaller, more elite field of teams than is looked at for the classification rankings). Camas, losing only one runner from last year’s NXN #13 squad, adds an impact freshman in Rachel Blair. Their prospects for returning to NXN and threatening a Top 10 finish are looking strong at this point. Individually, Jordan Oakes is looking like one of the top athletes in the Northwest after running 4:46 and 10:19 this spring. Kamiak freshman Taylor Roe is an incoming freshman that already has some high level national competition under her belt, finishing mid-pack in the 1500m at the US Junior Nationals meet at Hayward field back in June.


  1. Taylor Roe goes to Kamiak High School not Jackson. She is not the sister or Aaron Roe of Jackson

    1. Thanks, that was a poor assumption on my part. I'll make the change.

      Also, I'm now sure that District III and IV are resuming the Southwest Regional agreement this year, but until I know how the allocations will break down (is it going to be 7 or 8? and how many from each league to the regional meet?) I'm not going to change the notations in the team projections just yet.