Sunday, August 9, 2015

Quick notes

Just a quick note on the girls rankings:

I slightly adjusted the girls team rankings I had previously posted because I decided to put a little more emphasis on program history than I did for the boys. That didn't change many rankings, though there were about 4 or 5 teams that moved up a spot because of it. Also, I adjusted the Washington Girls 2A rankings due to new information about an incoming freshman.

I'm finishing up the Oregon 4A/5A Girls Rankings today, so they'll get posted tomorrow, and after that I'll spend a couple days posting the All-Class rankings for Washington and Oregon.

Beyond that, I'll either take a look at rankings for major easy-to-do states such as California/Michigan/Illinois/Ohio, or maybe try to do the rest of the Northwest and get those regional rankings up. Unfortunately, I don't have my altitude adjustment worksheet anymore, and Montana doesn't have all their track results in a single spot (or at least, not as deep as I like to look), which means the rankings for that state might be more questionable (same with Hawaii if there happens to be a quality team or individual I need to look at). The lacking of altitude adjustments part also might effect the Idaho rankings, and certainly the Southwest if I get that far this year, so I might take a few days this week to try and look at altitude adjustments which will mean a longer delay before any new posts.

If there are any other states you guys want me to take a look at, or any other topics to look into, feel free to either post on here, on DyeStat, or email me (this is a google blog, which means the email address is the same as the website: and I'll see about checking it out.

EDIT: Also, I noticed some errors in my database (duplicate athletes due to slight variations in their names), so I have updated the rankings as needed. No changes in any of the Oregon rankings, and only a few minor changes in the Washington rankings (4A Girls, 3A Boys, 2A Girls).

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