Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pre-Season 2015 Washington Boys All-Class Rankings

Wrapping up the WA/OR Previews, here is a look at the All-Class rankings.


First up is the Washington Boys!


Top 22 Teams:

1.       North Central (3A Eastern Regional)

2.       Tahoma (4A District III)

3.       Issaquah (4A Northwest Regional)

4.       Bellarmine Prep (4A District III)

5.       Kamiakin (3A Eastern Regional)

6.       Eastlake (4A Northwest Regional)

7.       Arlington (3A District I)

8.       Skyview (4A District IV)

9.       University (4A Eastern Regional)

10.   Inglemoor (4A Northwest Regional)

11.   Sehome (2A District I)

12.   Camas (4A District IV)

13.   Sequim (2A District II/III)

14.   Lewis & Clark (4A Eastern Regional)

15.   Central Kitsap (3A Southwest Regional)

16.   Interlake (3A District II)

17.   Mead (4A Eastern Regional)

18.   Bothell (4A Northwest Regional)

19.   Lake Stevens (4A Northwest Regional)

20.   Ballard (3A District II)

21.   Juanita (3A District II)

22.   Glacier Peak (3A District I)


Top 25 Individuals:

1.       Jack Yearian, Bellarmine Prep (4A District III)

2.       Justin Janke, North Central (3A Eastern Regional)

3.       Roberto Aguilera, Ferndale (3A District I)

4.       Nick Laccinole, Inglemoor (4A Northwest Regional)

5.       Nathan Beamer, Arlington (3A District I)

6.       Adamson Bryant, Eastlake (4A Northwest Regional)

7.       Graeme Schroeder, Tahoma (4A District III)

8.       Chase Gilbert, Skyview (4A District IV)

9.       Keenan Schrag, Issaquah (4A Northwest Regional)

10.   Hayden Dressel, Mount Spokane (3A Eastern Regional)

11.   Nathan Pixler, Eastlake (4A Northwest Regional)

12.   Yacine Guermali, Camas (4A District IV)

13.   Dylan Holland, Anacortes (2A District I)

14.   Keegan Fitzpatrick, Tahoma (4A District III)

15.   Gavin Parpart, Inglemoor (4A Northwest Regional)

16.   Peter Hogan, Bishop Blanchet (3A District II)

17.   Phillip Fishburn, Kamiakin (3A Eastern Regional)

18.   Sam Sjoberg, North Central (3A Eastern Regional)

19.   Luke Schilter, Northwest Christian-Lacey (B District IV)

20.   Isaac Barville, University (4A Eastern Regional)

21.   Hunter Simpson, University (4A Eastern Regional)

22.   Marques Chacon, Evergreen-Seattle (2A District II/III)

23.   Andrew Cooper, Liberty-Issaquah (2A District II/III)

24.   Cullen McEachern, Kamiak (4A Northwest Regional)

25.   Silas Griffith, Ridgefield (2A District IV)


Note: A reminder, this is based on returning runners, taking a look at combined scores from a hypothetical merge of all the best teams in the state (top 36 in this case) and also considering how good the program has been over the last nine years. Because of this process, the teams don’t always stay in the same order as they did in their respective classifications (this is a smaller, more elite field of teams than is looked at for the classification rankings). Tahoma actually scores better in every measure except one: program history. If this was based on returning runners alone, Tahoma would be the #1 team in the state going into the season. They are looking very strong this year. By the end of the year, I think both North Central and Tahoma are going to look like potential US Top-10 teams, maybe even both US Top-5.

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