Saturday, October 22, 2016

Problem solved; ratings inbound

Good news, everyone! My problems with using results from has now been solved, so now I can post dozens of WA/OR race ratings from the last few weeks!

That will keep me pretty busy for the rest of the weekend, and maybe into the week. There might be lots of posts with results. Be warned.

Big thanks to JC Hodgson for pointing out my problem. Turns out, it was something so simple that used to do nothing but is now apparently both vital and obvious. D'oh!

In other news, I'll also try to include some other results from outside of WA/OR. I already took a VERY brief look at the Montana State results (initially guessing 200.0 ~ 14:10, which puts Equall around 189, Vladic around 147, and the winning Bozeman teams averaging 177.4 and 124.5 despite some key runners missing or not having good days).


  1. I read in a Montana newspaper that Orrin Clark from Bozeman had a knee injury. They were going to see a doctor next week. And yes, there were others that did poorly. I hate to see teams under perform due to injury or illness.

  2. Hope Orrin recovers quickly. I only mentioned Bozeman's ratings and noted the comparatively poor outing to point out that despite their issues, they still managed to essentially equal their results from Mountain West and Sunfair when they were closer to 100% (their packs had improved that much). Good showing for the Bozeman squads.