Sunday, September 22, 2013

Update on the blog


Since the question has been asked, I haven't been posting many updates to the blog because of three reasons.

First, since I'm working for DyeStat/RunnerSpace again, most of my work will be posted there. I'll still try to post some stuff on here from time to time, but the bulk of my content will be found over there.

Secondly, I haven't been posting many ratings over the past couple of weeks because I am pretty bogged down trying to stay on top of everything, getting ready for the first rankings update (set for this Thursday).

Thirdly, it's early enough in the season that the ratings would be very questionable. Some courses I know well enough (have had big enough meets, and been consistent enough in conditions, and preferably though not always having a later season meet at the course) to have a good estimate, but some courses I simply don't and if I rated races there, the ratings would be questionable estimates.

So, I am sorry for the lack of posting on the blog. I'll try to post something again in the next week or so.

In the meantime... if there are any requests that you guys have for what content you'd like to see here, rather than on the DyeStat forums, let me know and I'll see if I can comply.


  1. Rob, Do you post the SR's that you make on Dyestat? I've only found one there that you posted to a comment board. If there are more I'd love to know how to find them. Perhaps you could write a small piece here on how to use Dyestat.

    1. Some, yes. Most of them have been very preliminary and questionable, but some I feel pretty solid about. They have mostly been Northwest and Southwest meets so far, though: Bob Firman ID, Liberty Bell CO, Cardinal Classic ID, Tracy Walters WA, Murray UT, Pre-Region IV UT (was probably too generous on that one)... and I might have posted ratings from another meet I'm not remembering. So not many, and none (aside from the Marcus I results I posted on here) from outside the NW/SW yet. I'll hopefully be able to post more later, now that we're getting into the part of the season where less teams are training through and more teams are challenging themselves and running on courses I know a bit better, but it will still depend on how much time I have to spare.

      As for how to use DyeStat...

      1. To get directly to the HS portion of the RunnerSpace website (DyeStat, which looks very similar to what it used to look like), go to

      2. If you want to see the rankings, select meet previews/recaps and the weekend rundown by Doug Binder, it's all on that front page.

      3. Click on "Regions" button on the DyeStat (not the RunnerSpace) header to be able to go to the DyeStatCAL or DyeStatIL pages and get state-specific content from those sites.

      4. Click on the states in the map of the US to get meet results from those states

      5. Click on the "Track Talk" button on the DyeStat (again, not the RunnerSpace) header to be able to get to the message board. Most of my non-rankings content will be posted somewhere in those forums, and the Rankings will also be posted to the boards by Doug Binder ('DougB' on the forum). It has the same forums the old DyeStat message board had, plus some new forums as well (Utah has it's own now, and there's a board for Road Racing, and even a board for Canada).