Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Northwest Boys Rankings - Pre WA State

Here's a preliminary look at a Northwest Top 25 boys rankings going into the final State Meet weekend in the region. A note, I didn't include Wyoming teams yet (I haven't rated all of the major races in the state, including the state meet), though I will make a very quick assessment for the Lone Star teams at the bottom of the post. I'll see about finishing and posting the girls in the next day or so.

Top 25 Boys Teams:

 1. Summit OR - Oregon 5A State Champion
 2. Crater OR - Oregon 5A State Runner-up
 3. Central Catholic OR - Oregon 6A State Champion
 4. North Central WA - Washington 3A Eastern Regional Champion
 5. Lincoln OR - Oregon 6A State Runner-up
 6. Bozeman MT - Montana 2A State Champion
 7. Mountain View ID - Idaho 5A State Champion
 8. Wilson OR - Oregon 6A State third place
 9. Jesuit OR - Oregon 6A State fourth place
10. Arlington WA - Washington 3A District I Champion
11. Rocky Mountain ID - Idaho 5A State Runner-up
12. Tahoma WA - Washington 4A Southwest Regional Champion
13. Central Kitsap WA - Washington 3A Southwest Regional Champion
14. Eisenhower WA - Washington 4A District VI Champion
15. South Eugene OR - Oregon 6A State fifth place
16. Kamiakin WA - Washington 3A Eastern Regional Runner-up
17. University WA - Washington 4A Eastern Regional Champion
18. Eastlake WA - Washington 4A Northwest Regional Champion
19. Issaquah WA - Washington 4A Northwest Regional Runner-up
20. Marist OR - Oregon 5A State third place
21. Sunset OR - Oregon 6A State sixth place
22. Pocatello ID - Idaho 4A State Champion
23. West Linn OR - Oregon 6A State seventh place
24. Missoula Hellgate MT - Montana 2A State Runner-up
25. Interlake WA - Washington 3A District II Champion

Honorable Mention: Aloha OR, Bellarmine Prep WA, Boise ID, Camas WA, Central ValleyWA, Gig Harbor WA, Gonzaga Prep WA, Joel Ferris WA, Lakeridge OR, Lewis & Clark WA, Mead WA, Seaside OR, Sehome WA, Sheldon OR, Skyview WA

Plus a couple of Wyoming teams:
4A Champion Laramie should be Top 10
3A Champion Star Valley should probably be among the Honorable Mention teams

And a final note: Washington teams are at a disadvantage in this comparison as they haven't run state yet (and with extra weight given to state meet results, the Washington teams are currently using their State Qualifying meets as that extra weighted race despite some athletes/teams seemingly not going all out), and could very well move up after this weekend.

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