Friday, March 22, 2013

Commentating on blog posts

I know this is a decision that some folks aren't going to like, so I'll apologize in advance, but the comment spam is just not being filtered out hardly at all by the folks at Google, so I'm going to be reverting the commenting process back to how it originally was when I started the blog (if you aren't signed in with a google or blogger account, you'll have to type in the randomized word or pair of words shown in an image).

I know, the process is a hassle, but that's probably better than dozens of bots spamming the comment section every day with sometimes not child-friendly content and links included (and it's a hassle for me to log in just to delete spam now and then that Google/Blogger should have taken care of in the first place).


  1. We understand and are grateful for the work you do on this.