Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pre-Season WA 4A Girls Rankings

Here's a look at my Washington 4A Girls Rankings. I'll include the Top 22 for each of the 3 major classifications, as well as a look at the top 22 overall in the state, and include the top 25 individuals in each of those classifications as well. A note, I included incoming freshmen that I know of (and used best guess as to which high school they’ll end up at). Two notable freshmen this year are both at the 4A level in Kamiak-bound Taylor Roe and Camas-bound Rachel Blair.


Also, a note that there might be a return to District III and IV combining as they did prior to last year. If so, that is a very welcome change!


Top 22 Teams:

 1. Camas (D4 #1/1)

 2. Central Valley (ER #1/3)

 3. Bellarmine Prep (D3 #1/6)

 4. Skyline (NW #1/4)

 5. Lewis & Clark (ER #2/3)

 6. Mount Si (NW #2/4)

 7. Olympia (D3 #2/6)

 8. University (ER #3/3)

 9. Tahoma (D3 #3/6)

10. Eastlake (NW #3/4)

11. Eisenhower (D6 #1/2)

12. Issaquah (NW #4/4)

DNQ Kamiak (NW #5/4)

DNQ Snohomish (NW #6/4)

DNQ Mead (ER #4/3)

DNQ Inglemoor (NW #7/4)

DNQ Gonzaga Prep (ER #5/3)

DNQ Union (D4 #2/1) **

13. Curtis (D3 #4/6)

DNQ Redmond (NW #8/4)

DNQ Henry Jackson (NW #9/4)

14. Stadium (D3 #5/6)


Others projected to qualify:

15. Gig Harbor (D3 #6/6) **

16. West Valley-Yakima (D6 #2/2)



Top 25 Individuals:

 1. Taylor Roe, Kamiak (NW #1/20)

 2. Emma Jenkins, Camas (D4 #1/5)

 3. Hannah Waskom, Mount Si (NW #2/20)

 4. Maizy Brewer, Skyline (NW #3/20)

 5. Pia Richards, Eastlake (NW #4/20)

 6. Sami Corman, Issaquah (NW #5/20)

 7. Kenna Clawson, Issaquah (NW #6/20)

 8. Rebecca Ledsham, Inglemoor (NW #7/20)

 9. Kayla Contreras, Tahoma (D3 #1/30)

10. Emma Bury, Redmond (NW #8/20)

11. Abbie Steinhauer, Mariner (NW #9/20)

12. Rachel Blair, Camas (D4 #2/5)

13. Emily Wilson, Camas (D4 #3/5)

14. Rachel Kastama, Puyallup (D3 #2/30)

15. Savanna Craig, Mountain View (D4 #4/5)

16. Briegan Bester, Central Valley (ER #1/15)

17. Katie Thronson, Lewis & Clark (ER #2/15)

18. Malaina Thacker, Rogers-Puyallup (D3 #3/30)

19. Lindsey Sydnor, Mount Si (NW #10/20)

20. Erika Leinweber, Walla Walla (ER #3/15)

21. Maddie Woodson, Camas (D4 #5/5)

22. Gabrielle Ford, Central Valley (ER #4/15)

23. Kyla Shade, Snohomish (NW #11/20)

24. Kaili Keefe, West Valley-Yakima (D6 #1/10)

DNQ Allie Connell, Union (D4 #6/5)

25. Annaliese Wegner, Curtis (D3 #4/30)


** note: District III and District IV are expected to resume the Southwest Regional rather than qualify separately this year, though I am not sure how the allocations will break down (will the region get 7 spots to state or 8?), so stay tuned for a slight change once that announcement is made. Union would then be projected to qualify, and Gig Harbor may or may not depending on the # of allocations from the Southwest Regional.


  1. Are you kidding? Another Camas freshman?

    How do you decide where to put incoming freshmen? Is it based on mile times?

  2. I know, ridiculous right? That (a strong middle school feeder program) has always been the key to a strong program, especially on the girls side, though. That's the huge advantage some states, such as New York, have over the rest of the country - a more organized and successful middle school program to get kids started earlier, and unfortunately our state is one where that is not at all balanced across the state (while lots of areas do have some semblance of an XC program at the middle school level, there are plenty of others that don't).

    Yes, freshmen are placed based on what little middle school/youth track results I can find. Almost always, that is 1600m marks on or USATF results for 1500m or 3k. There are a whole lot of other incoming freshmen that that certainly doesn't cover, though, so don't be surprised if there are several other freshmen that make an impact than those I will mention in these previews.

    Camas could be very good, particularly if Marley LeFore returns to XC after a year of playing soccer... though that's probably a long shot at this point.

  3. Also, in case it goes unnoticed, I made slight changes to the rankings I've posted already... I changed the Historical Quality measure from average NXN National fields to average WA Top-22 fields, and factored in program history as well. It didn't change much, but was just enough for little changes here and there (such as Kamiakin boys, Glacier Peak girls and Tahoma girls moving up a spot or two).

  4. Taylor Roe goes to Kamiak not Jackson. She is not the sister or Aaron Roe of Jackson.