Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pre-Season WA 3A Boys Rankings

Here are the posts most of you readers are probably looking for (XC Season Previews), here's a look at my Washington 3A Boys Rankings! I'll include the Top 22 for each of the 3 major classifications, as well as a look at the top 22 overall in the state, and include the top 25 individuals in each of those classifications as well.


Next up is the 3A Boys!


Top 22 Teams:

 1. North Central (ER #1/2)

 2. Kamiakin (ER #2/2)

 3. Arlington (D1 #1/3)

 4. Central Kitsap (SW #1/6)

 5. Interlake (D2 #1/5)

 6. Juanita (D2 #2/5)

 7. Glacier Peak (D1 #2/3)

 8. Ballard (D2 #3/5)

 9. Edmonds-Woodway (D1 #3/3)

10. Nathan Hale (D2 #4/5)

11. Bonney Lake (SW #2/6)

12. Peninsula (SW #3/6)

13. Garfield (D2 #5/5)

DNQ Bishop Blanchet (D2 #6/5)

DNQ Roosevelt (D2 #7/5)

DNQ Mercer Island (D2 #8/5)

14. Hazen (SW #4/6)

DNQ Ingraham (D2 #9/5)

DNQ Shorewood (D1 #4/3)

DNQ Seattle Prep (D2 #10/5)

DNQ Everett (D1 #5/3)

DNQ O’Dea (D2 #11/5)


Others projected to qualify:

15. Auburn Riverside (SW #5/6)

16. Enumclaw (SW #6/6)



Top 25 Individuals:

 1. Justin Janke, North Central (ER #1/10)

 2. Roberto Aguilera, Ferndale (D1 #1/15)

 3. Nathan Beamer, Arlington (D1 #2/15)

 4. Hayden Dressel, Mount Spokane (ER #2/10)

 5. Peter Hogan, Bishop Blanchet (D2 #1/25)

 6. Phillip Fishburn, Kamiakin (ER #3/10)

 7. Sam Sjoberg, North Central (ER #4/10)

 8. Christian Rotter, Auburn Mountainview (SW #1/30)

 9. James Konugres, Ballard (D2 #2/25)

10. Cameron Carroll, Central Kitsap (SW #2/30)

11. Braxton Gutierrez, Kamiakin (ER #5/10)

12. Luke Beauchamp, Interlake (D2 #3/25)

13. Jacob Christner, North Central (ER #6/10)

14. Pieter Andrews, Arlington (D1 #3/15)

15. Peter Allegre, North Thurston (SW #3/30)

16. James Mwaura, Lincoln (SW #4/30)

17. Dominic Lauer, Peninsula (SW #5/30)

18. Owen Buck, Ballard (D2 #4/25)

19. William Oden, Interlake (D2 #5/25)

20. Jonah Franco, Kamiakin (ER #7/10)

21. Sam McCloughlan, Edmonds-Woodway (D1 #4/15)

22. Henry Hayes, Garfield (D2 #6/25)

23. Garren Arnold, Glacier Peak (D1 #5/15)

24. Gabriel Meek, North Central (ER #8/10)

25. Thomas Johnson, North Thurston (SW #6/30)


  1. I would agree with your top 4. After that it gets more difficult. I will say that if you correct and Blanchet doesn't make state that will be of historic significance. I thought they would miss out in 2013, but they somehow made it in. My opinion is that you shouldn't bet against them, at least not until they actually miss state some year.

  2. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Blanchet extends their streak to 38 straight years. However, these projections are simply based off of returners and how they stack up, not projecting any more or less improvement for any team.

    For what it's worth, if we only look at the top 14 teams in District II, Bishop Blanchet falls back another spot (behind MI) to #7 in the district:

    #1 Interlake 83
    #2 Juanita 85
    #3 Ballard 118
    #4 Nathan Hale 120
    #5 Garfield 150
    #6 Mercer Island 157
    #7 Bishop Blanchet 175
    #8 Roosevelt 186
    #9 Ingraham 203
    (then a sizable gap back to SP @ 250)

    25 points is not a whole lot for Blanchet to cover, especially given their program's tradition. Very good possibility they sneak in again.

  3. I don't know if you will see this comment here, but maybe. I just came from the Sea-King District 2 Championships. Blanchet did NOT make it to state. After 37 years, or whatever. So in the end, it appears you called it. It was Interlake, Juanita, Ballard, Nathan Hale, and Bainbridge that made it.
    Interlake won easily. In 4A, it very hard to tell who won. Again, no one has sufficient depth. Issaquah, Eastlake, Lake Stevens, and Mount Si made it to state.

    1. Wouldn't exactly say I called it, as Bainbridge wasn't on my radar at all. Streaks are meant to be broken - Blanchet is one incredible program, but eventually everyone has a down year.

      Nice to see Lake Stevens get to state, I was worried it would be a KingCo sweep as was mentioned in the comments on another post. Parity is good.