Monday, November 9, 2015

Pre-NXR Northwest Boys Team Rankings

Here are my pre-regional Northwest Top 25 Boys rankings:

 1. Tahoma WA - Washington 4A State Champion, 4A Southwest Regional Champion
 2. Summit OR - Oregon 5A State Champion, 5A-4 Intermountain Champion
 3. Crater OR - Oregon 5A State Runner-up, 5A-3 Midwestern Champion
 4. North Central WA - Washington 3A State Champion, 3A Eastern Regional Champion
 5. Central Catholic OR - Oregon 6A State Champion, 6A-3 Mt. Hood Champion
 6. Bellarmine Prep WA - Washington 4A State Runner-up, 4A Southwest Regional third place
 7. Eisenhower WA - Washington 4A State third place, 4A District VI Champion
 8. Joel Ferris WA - Washington 4A State fourth place, 4A Eastern Regional third place
 9. Sehome WA - Washington 2A State Champion, 2A District I Champion
10. Lincoln OR - Oregon 6A State Runner-up, 6A-1 Portland Interscholastic Runner-up
11. Issaquah WA - Washington 4A State fifth place, 4A Northwest Regional Champion
12. Kamiakin WA - Washington 3A State Runner-up, 3A Eastern Regional Runner-up
13. Arlington WA - Washington 3A State third place, 3A District I Champion
14. Bozeman MT - Montana 2A State Champion
15. Mountain View ID - Idaho 5A State Champion, 5A District III Champion
16. Wilson OR - Oregon 6A State third place, 6A-1 Portland Interscholastic Champion
17. Jesuit OR - Oregon 6A State fourth place, 6A-2 Metro Champion
18. Interlake WA - Washington 3A State fourth place, 3A District II Champion
19. Central Kitsap WA - Washington 3A State fifth place, 3A Southwest Regional Champion
20. Rocky Mountain ID - Idaho 5A State Runner-up, 5A District III Runner-up
21. Camas WA - Washington 4A State sixth place, 4A Southwest Regional Runner-up
22. Ballard WA - Washington 3A State sixth place, 3A District II third place
23. University WA - Washington 4A State seventh place, 4A Eastern Regional Champion
24. Lake Stevens WA - Washington 4A State eighth place, 4A Northwest Regional third place
25. South Eugene OR - Oregon 6A State fifth place, 6A-6 Southwest Champion

Honorable Mention: Central Valley WA, Eastlake WA, Hellgate MT, Marist OR, Mead WA, Pocatello ID, Sheldon OR, Sunset OR, West Linn OR

Also, as last week, the above does not include Wyoming teams because it is harder to get a read on them. Laramie should still be Top 10, and Star Valley might still be among the Honorable Mention teams.


  1. The start list is posted at the NXN NW website. And who can tell who these teams are? Most of them I have figure out, but Filthy Crew? HKXC? Eagles Nest? I don't think Bellarmine Prep is running as Yearian is an individual entrant. There is no Sehome or Mountain View (ID) that I recognize. Maybe Issaquah is Eagle's Nest? The varsity team entrants are even worse. The Little Engines that Could? Cool Runnings? I wish the schools could just use their real names.

    1. Yeah, those are the three in the Boys Championship that I'm not sure of either. The others are easy enough to figure out. It's too bad teams don't just use something relating to their school so everyone doesn't have to guess :) but oh well, at this point that's just a part of the event. Some regionals include the individual athletes competing for the team in their start list, which would solve this issue as well.

      HKXC is in the championship race on both sides, so it must be a pretty good program overall. Maybe Sehome or Ballard or Central Kitsap? CK is the only one I can think of with a K involved, but of course there is no guarantee either H or K has anything to do with the school's name. Eagles Nest is probably some school with an Eagle as the mascot, but I don't know which school that would be although Issaquah is a good guess. Filthy crew could be anyone, but maybe that's the Mountain View ID boys? Just a guess though, since I don't see any of their athletes listed as individuals (and the meet is in their own back yard, so why wouldn't they compete?).

      Here's a list of the Boys teams in the above Top 25 that might not be included:

      Bellarmine Prep WA
      Sehome WA (HKXC?)
      Issaquah WA (Eagles Nest?)
      Mountain View ID (Filthy Crew?)
      Interlake WA
      Central Kitsap WA (HKXC?)
      Ballard WA (HKXC?)
      University WA
      Lake Stevens WA

      That means at least 16 of the top 25 are in the field, plus two bubble teams (Wilson OR and Star Valley WY), with potentially three more Top 25 teams being the ones we aren't sure of. That's pretty good participation, even if the field misses Bellarmine and Sehome.

    2. Oops, forgot to mention #21 Camas above - looks like they are in the Varsity 2 race (unless that is their JV and their varsity is "Filthy Crew").

  2. Pretty sure several of the Tahoma kids were sick. Saw photographs of some of them with masks on. Bad timing. The Washington teams were just not as good this year. And it showed.