Tuesday, September 13, 2016

WA/OR Round-up - Sep. 10

Now that I've at least taken a quick look at the bulk of the meets I plan on rating, I went back and was more deliberate in my rating for WA/OR meets (as those are the meets I'll be focusing on most). Here is a breakdown of the UN-ROUNDED ratings (as you'll notice, the prior meets were all rounded to the nearest 5th second... also, Ash Creek was adjusted down a little because I went more in-depth in this look). I'll include the fastest teams/individuals, and in subsequent posts I will look at the top athletes/teams in these meets, plus perhaps a breakdown by classification...

Please note, this list includes some pretty low-key meets (in comparison to the usual All-State/All-Region focus of this blog). This is because I tried to include all of the invites from WA/OR from the last weekend, plus a couple notable meets from the week(s) prior, to get a good representation of all of the two states. There are a handful of meets that were not included, which was due to either insufficient background data on the runners (making the ratings even more uncertain than usual for early season races) or a lack of complete results posted to athletic.net (as all of these results come from there, due to the format streamlining this process). The only notable omission, in terms of All-State or All-Region comparisons, was the Tahoma Co-Ed Relays which featured, among others, notable programs such as Tahoma WA, Issaquah WA, Eastlake WA and Sunset OR.

Full list of meets from the past weekend not included below: Tahoma Co-Ed Relays WA, Asotin Island Run WA, Lakeview OR, and Brookings-Harbor OR.

Also, please note, that I am not ignoring meets from outside of WA/OR. I will at some point take a closer look at the other meets with notable Northwest athletes in them, although I don't know if I will go as far as posting a recap on the blog.

Times at the right represent my 200.0 rating mark. Numbers next to the athletes/teams represent the ratings (and Top-5 team averages) of the fastest at the meet. Athletes/teams are in bold, because otherwise this would be even more difficult to read.

 8:24.47 - Night Meet OR (Aug. 26) - 189.2 Ahmed Muhumed, West Salem OR 8:42.6; 126.8 Ember Stratton, Sunset OR 10:27.5; Sunset OR Boys (167.9), Sunset OR Girls (108.1)

15:11.81 - Bill Chapman OR (Sep. 1) - 183.5 Joshua Schumacher, Jesuit OR 16:02.0; 131.4 Lara Rix, St. Mary's Academy OR 18:40.2; Jesuit OR Boys (168.0), Jesuit OR Girls (116.5)

15:04.97 - Mountain View Runoff OR (Sep. 2) - 174.1 Albert Hesse, Ridgeview OR 16:23.1; 125.3 Olivia Brooks, Summit OR 18:50.2; Central Valley WA Boys (168.2), Summit OR Girls (107.3)

15:25.61 - Ultimook OR (Sep. 3) - 166.0 Gabriel Dinnell, Washougal WA 17:10.4; 107.8 McKenna Henke, Crescent Valley OR 20:10.0; West Salem OR Boys (151.5), Hood River Valley OR Girls (89.9)

14:39.83 - Run-a-Ree WA (Sep. 9) - 165.8 Kyle Peterson, Hockinson WA 16:20; 100.0 Ellen Burbank, Skyview WA 19:33; Union WA Boys (140.2), Skyview WA Girls (73.4)

 9:17.51 - Bellarmine WA (Sep. 10) - 175.6 James Mwaura, Lincoln WA 10:02.94; 134.0 Jordan Oakes, Holy Names WA 11:20.14; Bellarmine WA Boys (160.9), Holy Names WA Girls (96.2)

 9:27.26 - Sehome WA (Sep. 10) - 180.0 Cullen McEachern, Kamiak WA 10:05; 129.3 Malia Pivec, Lynnwood WA 11:41; Glacier Peak WA Boys (164.5), Sehome WA Girls (89.8)

10:10.67 - Ellensburg WA (Sep. 10) - 172.8 Ethan Green, Ephrata WA 11:06; 122.7 Erin Mullins, Cascade-Leavenworth WA 12:48; Ellensburg WA Boys (142.7), Zillah WA Girls (51.0)

11:01.08 - Capital WA (Sep. 10) - 195.9 Luke Schilter, NW Christian-Lacey WA 11:10.14; 104.4 Kiersten Kimminau, Olympia WA 14:31.77; NW Christian-Lacey WA Boys (165.9), Hanford WA Girls (88.6)

11:58.81 - Highlander WA (Sep. 10) - 182.5 Riley Moore, Richland WA 12:40.7; 134.7 Kearan Nelson, Central Valley WA 14:35.2; Central Valley WA Boys (168.3), Lewis & Clark WA Girls (111.0)

13:52.26 - Ocosta WA (Sep. 10) - 153.2 Austin Beasley, Mark Morris WA 16:02; 59.9 Kathryn Anderson, Ocosta WA 20:21; Mark Morris WA Boys (111.8), Forks WA Girls (10.8)

14:34.91 - Saxon OR (Sep. 10) - 156.4 Alan Wild, Beaverton OR 16:42.19; 115.3 Anna Chau, South Salem OR 18:42.05; Valley Catholic OR Boys (139.5), Newberg OR Girls (64.1)

14:39.07 - Tualatin OR (Sep. 10) - 188.1 Ahmed Muhumed, West Salem OR 15:14; 118.1 Kate Intile, Tualatin OR 18:39; Central Catholic OR Boys (158.2), Tualatin OR Girls (90.2)

14:44.17 - Tracy Walters WA (Sep. 10) - 175.6 Amir Ado, Joel Ferris WA 15:56; North Central WA Boys (165.5) // no girls race

15:04.92 - Ash Creek OR (Sep. 10) - 185.9 Silas Griffith, Ridgefield WA 15:47.6; 127.9 McKenna Henke, Crescent Valley OR 18:42.3; Summit OR Boys (166.5), Edmonds-Woodway WA Girls (107.9)

15:09.82 - Moses Lake WA (Sep. 10) - 167.9 Cody Bollum, Deer Park WA 16:47.04; 120.4 Moriah Duenich, Deer Park WA 19:11.10; Deer Park WA Boys (153.8), Deer Park WA Girls (80.3)


  1. Sept 7th PIL Preview had 3 semi-decent boy's teams running. PIL preview Fernhill course has been lengthened after it was found to be a bit short last year.

    1. Yeah, took a quick look at that meet. Didn't know it was lengthened. I didn't include it mostly because all three of those teams were included in another meet already listed (Night Meet). I know Wilson is a good team, and if the season mirrors the PIL Preview then all three of those teams are going to be ones to watch this season.