Saturday, December 8, 2012

Final US Individual Rankings

Here are some national rankings for you guys; Individual rankings, based on performance at NXN and FLN. (For reference, I think that Ryan Kromer from WI and Karis Jochen from TX ran very similar performances at both meets – others were off by varying amounts at one or the other). Now, obviously there are other runners that ran better at some (or many) point(s) in the season than they did at the national meet… so keep in mind these are not going to be perfect rankings (there is no such thing). Otherwise, Washington in particular would look much stronger with Wilmot and Gardner both finishing in the top ten and Amy-Eloise Neale joining Katie Knight in the top five and Alexa Efraimson in the top ten as well J and, of course, Ashley Erba from Indiana would be top ten for sure.


Boys Individuals –

1.       Edward Cheserek NJ

2.       Sean McGorty VA

3.       Jake Leingang ND

4.       Benjamin Saarel UT

5.       Jacob Thomson KY

6.       Sam Wharton OH

7.       Estevan DeLaRosa CA

8.       Luis Martinez NM

9.       Joe Hardy WA

10.   Aaron Templeton TN

11.   Robert Domanic TX

12.   Conner Olson MN

13.   Sumner Goodwin WA

14.   Brayden McLelland UT

15.   Ryan Kromer WI

16.   John Lawson CA

17.   Zach Perrin MT

18.   Andrew Gardner WA

19.   Conner Mantz UT

20.   Obsa Ali MN

21.   Quintin McKinnish TN

22.   John Dressel WA

23.   Nick Link VA

24.   Kramer Morton UT

25.   Max Norris PA


Girls Individuals –

1.       Sarah Baxter CA

2.       Mary Cain NY

3.       Anna Rohrer IN

4.       Katie Knight WA

5.       Catarina Rocha MA

6.       Maria Hauger MN

7.       Alexa Efraimson WA

8.       Jordyn Colter CO

9.       Karis Jochen TX

10.   Courtney Ackerman IL

11.   Elise Cranny CO

12.   Amy-Eloise Neale WA

13.   Taylor Driscoll NY

14.   Sophie Chase VA

15.   Anna Holdiman IA

16.   Marissa Williams CA

17.   Sarah Disanza NJ

18.   Bobbie Burgess IN

19.   Hannah Long MO

20.   Sara Tsai OR

21.   Sandie Raines TX

22.   Heather Bates CO

23.   Carmen Carlos AL

24.   Taylor Werner MO

25.   Katie Rainsberger CO


Final tally for boys on where the athletes competed had Footlocker ahead 13-8 (four ran at both), while for the girls NXN had the lead 11-8 (six ran at both). NXN had three of the top four girls and Footlocker included all of the top six boys (with two running both).


  1. I went through the top 25 and can only find two girls that ran both races, Jochen and Ackerman.
    Am I missing something?

  2. For girls: Hauger, Burgess and Warner ran both as well.

    1. Sorry Rob. I never thought anyone running 13th or better at FL would be 30 or lower at NXN. NXN was a pretty nasty course.

  3. Yep when you are running through so much standing water, it's kind of hard to know if you're stepping in a hole or not. Some of the kids who should have had better races probably just hit a lot more of those hidden holes than others did. While I like natural obstacles - I must say it was a bit too much this year and I am thankful, as far as I know, no one was seriously injured.