Monday, August 19, 2013

It has begun

The countdown has begun, starting with the US#81-120 teams and Southwest #6-15 teams posted today on DyeStat.

A new region #6-15 will get posted every weekday this week and next week, and US#41-80 next Monday (August 26), leading up to the US Top-40 and Regional Top-5 on next Thursday, August 29.

Today's rankings probably have some surprises for some folks... particularly the national rankings, where one of the five best programs in the nation is sitting just outside the top100 this year, and several other nationally recognizable programs are in the 81-120 group as well.


(by the way, a note for reference on how good these #81-120 programs are... think of them like teams that can compete with the bottom third of NXN qualifiers, and even beat them on occasion. They are still very good teams, and it wouldn't be surprising if some of them end up in the top 30 at some point of the season, particularly if the teams get transfers or impact freshmen that weren't factored into the rankings)

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