Thursday, October 3, 2013

New National Team Rankings posted

Posted this morning on New National Team Rankings for Boys and Girls!

I'm sure there are plenty of surprises in there - it is early in the season, and teams haven't exactly sorted themselves out all that well yet. But it looks like it'll be a competitive year for the national titles on both sides. Join the discussion on the message boards if you have any questions, I will try to answer them.

Also, three things you can expect in the next update:

I have a feeling the South will rise again. The South (mostly Texas) isn't really represented that well this time around, but this weekend is the big weekend in Texas with the Nike South invitational and McNeil's state preview. Expect some teams to make a bigger push after those results are in.

The South will rise again (Part II) - The Great American Festival is this weekend. It's the NXN-Southeast Preview meet, and includes teams from the Northeast like Saratoga Springs NY, Bishop Hendricken RI and Cardinal O'Hara PA. If the Southeast teams run well there (and plenty of good Southeast teams are entered), they could move up a notch or two in the rankings. Good competition leads to good times, which leads to better rankings!

Utah is good (again), and their girls rankings will get even stronger. One of the best teams in the state, Park City, is ranked with a caveat: one of their frontrunners, McKenzie Bothner, hasn't run since the Murray Invitational on September 6. Once she runs again, expect Park City to move significantly up the rankings (though they are already sitting at US#22!)


  1. Just wondering how you think some other Southeast teams stack up against the top teams like Broughton and Brentwood....teams like McCullie, Tatnall, Severna Park, James Robinson. Thoughts?

  2. I think Tatnall would be a bit behind in a national race (~50 points), but on a regional level there would be barely any difference (could easily be within 5 points).

    Teams like Severna Park, St. Xavier, Battlefield, Chantilly, McCallie, Robinson, St. Pius X, Belen Jesuit, and Blacksburg seem to be a step behind Tatnall at this point, but not to an insurmountable degree.

  3. Hi, Rob, just wondering if Marist (GA) girls showed enough at Great American to move into the SE rankings?

    1. They proved they are in the top 8 group in the Southeast, but I am not sure they are quite in the top 5 yet. Three of the other SE Top-8 teams were at Great American, and all three finished ahead of Marist (Assumption KY, Blacksburg VA and Green Hope NC went 1-2-3).

  4. So....Is St. X better than you thought or is Broughton not as good as they have appeared early on (or just off day perhaps). Just curious as to what you think Great American "proved" even though not all of the "cream of the crop" SE teams weren't there.
    I would have loved to see how Battlefield and Severna Park would have stacked up.

  5. Broughton was without their #1. Their #6, scoring as their 5th at Great American, was 116 scoring runners behind their #2, which means Broughton should have dropped at least that many points - St. Xavier KY was 95 points ahead of them, Brentwood 176, so it would seem Broughton would be the obvious Runner-up at the meet, were they to have everyone there (their #1 might be able to run with Brentwood's trio, but that wouldn't be enough to keep them on pace with Brentwood this weekend - Brentwood earned the SE#1 spot this week).

  6. Broughton has disappeared from your national and regional rankings but they are still high up on milesplit and others. Do you know something they don't? They looked to be at full strength last meet.

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  8. Oversight on my part; I'll spare the reasons for the oversight, but I have sent in the adjustment to include them in the rankings. Thanks for bringing this up!

  9. Rob,
    With all of the State meets done in the SE region (I think) what questions have been answered for you on the boys side? Did the possible contender teams to take one of those top two spots from Brentwood and Broughton show you anything? Teams like Tatnall, St. X, Severna Park and Belen Jesuit. Which of those teams do you think could pull it off? Love and appreciate your insight as always...