Sunday, September 13, 2015

WA/OR Weekend Recap - September 12

As the first busy weekend in Washington/Oregon comes to a close, here are some highlights of the weekend (and initial ratings for each race I looked at).

Ash Creek Festival OR: The elite meet showdown on the girls side in the region, Summit (OR) edged a shorthanded Camas (WA) 54-58 with Sheldon (OR) finishing a strong third with 95 points. The guys side saw the same order, as Summit handled Camas 33-75.

Tracy Walters WA: The elite meet showdown on the guys side in the region featured an extended course (5k rather than 3 miles this year). North Central won the race with 129 points (8 score, 10 displace at this meet) with Kamiakin second with 180. Also notable is the close race for third as Jesuit (OR) came away with 223 points versus Lewis & Clark (229) and Eisenhower (239). University was sixth with 300, though would have been much closer with traditional 5/7 scoring.


Meet Comparison Chart (time listed is the initial estimated 200.0 rating mark)

09:23.22*             Bellarmine Invitational (Bellarmine Prep HS, Tacoma WA)

09:25.12               Sehome Invtational (Civic Stadium, Bellingham WA)

10:08.07               Capital Invite (Capital HS, Olympia WA)

11:04.76               Ellensburg Invitational (Irene Rhineheart Park, Ellensburg WA)

11:47.45               Highlander Invitational (Shadle Park HS, Spokane WA)

14:34.57               Ash Creek Festival (Western Oregon University, Monmouth OR)

14:51.68               Saxon Invitational (Bush Park, Salem OR)

15:06.51               Tracy Walters Invitational (Audubon Park, Spokane WA)

15:06.59               Hudson’s Bay Run-a-Ree (Hudson’s Bay HS, Vancouver WA)

15:30.66*             Ultimook Invitational (The Hydrangea Ranch, Tillamook OR)


*rating estimate is very uncertain, only included here because it is a major meet


Note: I was waiting for the Cheiftain Invite results to get posted, but since there were supposed to be up about 4 hours ago I guess I’ll just update this post once they get published.


The top boys and girls ratings can be seen in the next few posts. Might also include a comparison of the top teams from this weekend as well.

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