Sunday, September 13, 2015

Quick note to start off the week

Just a quick note, this time with a national focus, before I start in my reviews of the bigger Washington/Oregon meets of the last couple weeks:

Fayetteville-Manlius NY girls look like a VERY strong contender for US #1 once again this year. I admit that I was thinking, going into the year, that they would "only" find one new standout, and only be able to match Great Oak CA through the first four runners (but would still have enough to be a solid US #2). What they showed this weekend at the V-V-S invite makes me think differently: their newest star was their #1 runner on the day, and they didn't have a drop off back to their #5, which in my mind pegs them as the best team in the nation once again.

For the rest of the week (re: today), I'll be posting about Washington/Oregon invites. For all you national enthusiasts out there, sorry, maybe I'll post something else next week.

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